Arbor Day Celebration 2019

Women Looking at Petting Zoo Goats
Young Boy Reading a Trivia Wheel
Young Girl Determinedly Riding a White Pony
Woman Signing a Paper at a Tent
Woman talking to a young girl at a vendors booth
Volunteer Shoveling Dirt into a Potted Plant  Container
Wide Shot of Vendor Tents and Inflatables
Woman Handing out a Meal to a Customer
Two Girls Smiling at the Camera
Two Kids Wearing Face Paint and Holding Water Safety Booklets
Toddlers Tackle Their Dad on the Grass
Two Girls Build Tiny Wooden Benches
Two Children Feeding Baby Sheep and Goats
Two Food Vendor Workers Move Food Items into a Hotel Pan
Toddler Posing Amidst Petting Zoo Goats and Sheep
Three Kids Reach for Prizes in a Wicker Basket
Three Women Under a White Tent 2
Toddler Petting a Lounging Brown Goat
Three Kids Pose Under an Arbor Day Trellis
Three Children Riding Ponies Together
Man Dressed as the Mad-Hatter from Alice in Wonderland Holding Out His Arm
Older Woman Spinning a Trivia Wheel
People Line up for Snow Cones
Picnic Area Under a Big Shade Tree
Small Crowd of People and a Dog Stand Away from the Busier Area
Small Girl Behind a Cornhole Board
Girl Showing off a Tiny Wooden Planter Holder 2
Mother and Her Two Kids at an Orange Vendors Tent
Young Girl Wearing a Floral Pattern Holding a Potted Flower
Family Posing in Front of a Fountain
Kids at a STEM Booth
People at a Vendor Tent
Man Helping Kids Build Tiny Wooden Benches
Girl with a Rainbow Rose Painted on Her Face 2
Girl Reaching for a Prize Ina  Pink Wicker Basket
Girls Taking Potted Plants from a Table
Grandfather and Daughter Getting Raffle Tickets
Little Girl Sheepishly Smiling While Holding a Potted Plant
Girl Getting Pirate Face Paint
Freckled Girl with Braces Smiling for the Camera
Family of Three at a Blue Vendors Tent
Crowd of People Under a White Tent
Four Children Pose Behind a Silo Stand up
Dog on a Leash Trying to Explore off the Sidewalk
Elderly Couple Watch a Trio of Country Musicians Play
Football Passing Inflatable
Girl Getting Pirate Face Paint 2
Cheerleaders at a Vendors Tent
Children Talking to a Woman with a Prize Wheel
Cheerleaders Hold up Another in the Air
Cheerleader Doing a Backflip
Boy Pouring Chili on a Hot Dog
Boy with Dinosaur Face Paint Making a Scary Face for the Camera
Bearded Man Ging a Young Girl a Potted Yellow Flower
Assistant Reaching down for a Ponys Lead
Assistant Walking Alongside a Brown Pony Rode by a Girl in Face Paint
Young Girl Getting a Rainbow Painted on Her Face
Young Girl Riding a Brown Pony Being Led by an Assistant 2
Young Boy Petting a Kid (Goat)
Boy Looking at a Beehive Shadowbox
Boy Scaling a Rock Climbing Wall
Young Girl with Pink and White Horse Face Paint
Trio of Country Musicians Play Under a Tent
Vendor Tents Line a Pond
People Dressed as the Mad-Hatter and Alice from Alice and Wonderland Read to Children 4
Two Toddlers Tackling Their Dad