Morrison Ranch offers a jam-packed schedule of events throughout the year that are designed to get you out of your houses to connect with your neighbors.

We currently offer 8 signature events throughout the year. These are our large, annual events that you can always bank on. Our largest events draw around 3,500 neighbors, so if you haven’t attended one of our signature events yet, make sure you try to attend at least ONE this year! We promise you won’t regret it!

Our schedule is not just limited to our signature events. Throughout the year, we also offer family movie nights, Truckin Tuesdays, Concerts in the Park, landscape classes, and Community-Wide Garage Sales, along with some exciting summer field trips and several classes to keep our Morrison Ranch kiddos busy!

Our goal is to ensure that you live in a neighborhood that is committed to providing opportunities for you to create meaningful and memorable experiences with your families, friends, and neighbors.

We spend each day trying to create an exciting and diverse calendar of events that we think our residents will love. That being said, if you ever have an idea for an event, we would love to hear it! We love Morrison Ranch and everything that we do, particularly in the Lifestyle Department, is done with the intention of enriching your lives and creating a community within our beautiful neighborhood. We hope to be one of many reasons you feel there truly is, “no place like home. “  

Be sure to check out our Community Events page for a peek at some of our spectacular events and sponsorship opportunities, or click on the Event Line up and Registration tab to view all of our upcoming events. 

Lifestyle Director, Kim Miller