• Warner Groves South Ramada and Tot Lot 2
  • Warner Groves North Tot Lot
  • Small Fluffy Griffon Dog Looking Confusedly at the Camera
  • Father and Son Show off a Rather Large Carp They Caught
  • Man Riding Bike with a Stroller Rickshaw
  • Girl Clinging to Swinging Monkey Bars
  • Two Children Slide down a Double Slide Together
  • Two Brothers Learn to Tight Rope Walk on a Line Tied Between Two Trees
  • Warner Groves South Ramada and Tot Lot 1
  • Young Boy Happily, Yet Hesitnatly, Holding the Fish He Caught
  • Brother and Sister Almost Balance Each Other on a Teeter Totter
  • Wideshot of a Park Pond
  • Father and Son on a Spring Rider Horse
  • Man Holding Baby Boy up in the Air on a Fall Day
  • Father and Son Feeding Ducks by a Pond (2)
  • Father Outweighs His Four Daughters on a Teeter Totter
  • Warner Groves South Basketball Court
  • Tall Father Assisting His Infant Daughter down a Shallow Slide
  • Two Girls Balance Each Other on a Teeter Totter
  • Two Boys Feeding Ducks by a Pond
  • Two Toddlers Swing in Rubber Bucket Swings
  • Two Boys Playing Wiffleball
  • Child Riding His Bike down a Sidewalk Trail (2)
  • Father and Daughter Pose for a Picture While Riding a Bike with a Wagon
  • Warner Groves South Volleyball Court
  • Warner Groves North Basketball Volleyball Courts
  • Father Teaching His Young Daughter How to Fish
  • Young Boy Throwing Leaves into the Air
  • Kid Riding Bike down Sidewalk
  • Boys Riding Bikes Along a Winding Sidewalk near Sunset
  • Young Boy Shooting Hoops
  • Two Toddlers and a Baby Pose on a Wooden Platform in the Park
  • Young Girl Sliding down a Double Slide

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